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Creative Spotlight: Gabby

We spoke with Gabriella, founder of House of Borg, an interior decorating service and digital hub for home improvement, and heard her insights on the intersection of creativity and brain health.

Photography credits to Arden Wray.

When are you most creative? What happens right before?

I feel like I'm most creative in the mornings when my energy and drive are up.

For me, creativity feels like problem solving a lot of the time, even if there isn't a problem, per se. In my mind's eye it looks and feels like a puzzle and rearranging the pieces until they click together is the creative process.

I don't always need to sit down at a perfect desk, with the right music, light and energy to engage with my creativity, but I do like to feel clear and focused. If I can't focus or lock into that space, I often write down the whirlwind of other thoughts I know is playing out in the back of my mind. This is often a to-do list! Pen to paper helps release this for me.

What helps you get around creative blocks?

If I'm finding myself behind a creative block, I usually go for a walk. I recognize that forcing myself deeper into my own head isn't going to achieve anything, and taking the time my brain clearly needs is important.

It feels akin to when you're trying to think of something and it's on the tip of your tongue but you just can't sound it out. Usually, those things come back to us when we least expect it, once we stop trying.

How has your creative brain evolved over time?

I think my creative brain has definitely evolved. I feel like it keeps gaining confidence and finding new inspiration. That's kind of like it's food, if I were to personify it.

Other creative brains are so inspiring and I love seeing how other people are pushing boundaries. Every time I engage with something inspiring it feels like a new door opens up, or a window and fresh air and light comes in. I think that's one of the best parts of a creative community coming together.

Photography credits to Lauren Kolyn.

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