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Natural Elements

What does non-verbal communication mean to you? And why is it important?

Rebecca’s aunt Amelia’s story reminded me of the word ‘empath’, and the tricky relationship I have with that word.

A word my mother has used, for as long I can remember, to give as an answer to my everyday grievances; when I tell her about something that’s happened to me at work, perhaps a tense situation, or a fight with my sister (who I still adore!) - ‘You’re an empath, Erin. That’s why you're upset with the way the energy shifts when your CEO walks into the room’. How annoying, right? That someone can have that effect on you.

I guess that’s my roundabout way of answering that ‘non’-verbal communication is the transmission of energy. In Rebecca’s aunt's case, it was through touch, I’d argue, that she transmitted love to that man on her table.

I suppose the above are two examples, or rather two possible ways that it can play out. It’s powerful. It reminds me of something I read about lightening: It’s in it’s essence neither good nor bad - it just is.

If the lightning hits you, bad. If it hits a tree, catches on fire, but the fire subsides and creates new growth in the environment around it, very nice. Kerry, if this sounds familiar, it’s from our ‘Earth Magic’ oracle card set - I believe it’s the power card. So what is non-verbal communication? It’s the transmission of energy. Why is it important? Because it’s a powerful tool.



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