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Mind.On brings curious individuals together to discuss how different facets of our lives affect the physical and mental wellbeing of our minds. We've got a lot of big questions about why our brains behave the way they do, how we can make them work better, and most importantly, how to take good care of them.

We like our discussions to be informed by SCIENCE and by lived EXPERIENCES from a diverse array of perspectives.


At every Mind.On event, we want people to do three things:

  1. Think about their thinking (metacognition)

  2. Learn new ways to take care of their own brain

  3. Contribute to our growing understanding of brain health

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Mind.On Meetups

Events for people in our community to gather and discuss the current Mind.On theme. We think that the human connection that happens when we get together in person is fundamental to exploring brain health.

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Brain Jams

Brain health exploration, but virtual. When we aren’t at an event, we keep the conversation going with our social media channels, our blog, community member submissions, online writing challenges, and virtual hangouts.


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